About me

You can call me Amelia. I grew up in Norway back in the days when Norwegians were best at everything. Now, I live in England’s pearl – Weston-super-Mare – with England’s opal – my editor, one true love, favourite reader, wife (who really is best at everything). I write for a living.

I run the writing hub www.storywelling.com (which is currently going through a revamp, will be back soon!) and I teach writing through courses and classes. Some are online, some are in England, and soon there will be some in exciting locations around the world. Check out the courses and classes page for times and dates.

Over on my Patreon, all of my followers (from $1 a month) get exclusive short stories, behind-the-scenes videos of what I’m up to, live webinars and events. If you’re interested in writing, and my writing in particular, that’s the place to be.

I’ve never made it through the last chapters of Moby Dick, but I’ve sat through Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow twice, so I feel the universe and I are even.

I knit sweaters out of love and spite, I’m a big fan of salted liquorice, and I’ve never met a word I didn’t want to write. I have many flaws, but the least destructive one is this: I can’t say no to another musical instrument. They keep piling up and I don’t have time to play them all.

I’m taking a break from Facebook in 2019, but you can stay in touch with me here, on Patreon, on Instagram and (very occasionally) on Twitter.

You can find some of my writing on the big almighty Amazon. Check out this collection of festive short stories, The Man who Lights the Stars and other festive stories, or the grammar book I co-wrote, The Pointless Rules of English and How To Follow Them.