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I’m ditching Facebook this year

There’s an irony to this, I know, in that you came here through a link on Facebook. And yet, dear reader, I want to invite you along for a non-Facebook adventure.

There are so many things I want to get done. Last year, I had a very ambitious list of goals that I had both the will and the ability to complete. You may have followed this list on my previous website, and seen the final tally end up like this:

Print of achievment log showing 5 out of 100 rejections, 258,304 out of 600,000 words, 28 out of 64 short stories written, 2,833 pages read out of 7,000, 4 out of 12 letters sent, 1 out of 12 postcards sent, 5 out of 12 care packages sent.
Not exactly a booming success

There is much there I’m proud of. 258,304 words in a year (divided between fiction and non-fiction) is really quite good, even though my original goal was far more ambitious. 28 out of 64 short stories is still good, although I’m disappointed I didn’t stick to the goal of giving my newsletter one story a week.

But the point is – it’s a lot less than I intended to do. I couldn’t even write out 12 measly postcards. What’s that about?

There were a couple of good reasons: I was (and still am) in a less-than-ideal living situation, there was a wedding to plan, and the grammar book project – although it ended well – was emotionally, physically and temporally draining.

But then there were some really disturbingly bad reasons too. I was spending my time in endless loops of Facebook and YouTube. I would scroll and scroll and scroll, watch next, next, next. I have no idea how many hours I spent scrolling last year or how many hundreds of hours I spent on YouTube. But I’m absolutely sure that I’ve lost weeks worth of time.

We could spend some time discussing adult ADHD, self control, an addictive personality, depression and procrastination, but we’re not going to. Instead, we’re going to jump straight into the experiment:

Between today, 6 January 2019, and 6 January 2020, I will not log in to Facebook. I will keep my Instagram account connected to my profile, and my good wife will post links to my blog for me, but I won’t be on.

I will not watch YouTube before 6pm unless I’m with my wife and we’re watching a show.

On my own, I will not watch more than 15 minutes of YouTube in a day, unless I’m watching a longer TED talk or DO lecture.

And then, we’ll see whether my social life crumbles, if my productivity blossoms, or if everything remains the same. Hopefully, I’ll get more stuff done. I have another ambitious list, not unlike the list from last year. This year, however, my intention is to reach and exceed each number. I’m off to a flying start.

List showing the following goals for 2019: 100 rejections, 300,000 words written, 100 films watched, 7,00 pages read, 12 care packages sent, 12 letters sent, 52 postcards sent, 1.8 million steps walked.

I’ll explain the goals more in a later post. In addition to these, I have about 40 other goals for projects to do, old projects to finish, places to visit and things to achieve.

On this page, I’ll blog about what I achieve. I’ll tell you about life without Facebook, the projects I work on, the movies I see and the books I read. I really hope you’ll come along for the ride. I think it can be a fun year, and it would be more fun if I could share it with you.

I would also love for you to message me your date of birth and your mailing address. I have no idea if I’ll use it, but I might!

Do you think you’ll pop in every now and then to see how I’m doing? Please leave a comment below. I won’t see the one you wrote on Facebook.


  • Renate

    Supre mål! Og jeg synes at du var veldig flink i fjor, selv om du ikke levde opp til din egen (vanvittig høye) standard 🙂 Selv har jeg ett stort mål i år – å bli ferdig med boka mi. Det målet har jeg delt opp i delmål for hver måned – 8400 ord i måneden. Goodreadsmålet mitt er å lese 70 bøker, ellers har jeg ikke noe spesielt. Gleder meg til å følge deg og målene dine på bloggen.

  • Inger Lise Kontochristos

    Inspirerende, og så bra tiltak! Digger målene dine!

    Målet for året her er å bare jobbe med gøye ting! Foreløpig står reiseartikler og krimboka mi på den lista.
    Noe som blant annet gjør at vi skal til Somerset i mars engang, og gjett hvem vi skal treffe da? 😁😁😁

    Gode lykketilklemmer fra ei som heier masse på deg!

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