The Man who Lights the Stars – First Edition


FIRST EDITION: 2018 cover.

Every night, a man lights the stars. He walks with a limp. He’s old and grey, and he climbs his endless ladder with unsteady, wobbly steps. He strikes the flint and steel from his tinderbox until the waxed wick of his lighting pole burns. He hopes – against all reason – that the flame won’t blow out as he climbs to the sky.

The Man who Lights the Stars is a collection of 24 short stories perfect for wintry months. Enjoy these stories with a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fire, or let them wrap you in that cosy feeling on your daily commute.

Taking you from a children’s nativity play, through snowfall in the city, to distant magical lands – there’s a story here for the whole family.

Publisher: Ink & Locket Press
ISBN:‎ 978-1912159079
Publication date: 27 November 2018