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What Survives in paperback by M. Amelia Eikli

My project energy is currently being funnelled into the release of my first novel – What Survives – out now!

After a devastating global pandemic, the world has gone quiet. She hasn’t seen another living soul for weeks, just the piles of corpses lining the streets. With an enthusiastic dog named Scram, a photo of her wife, and the memory of an old friend at her side, she hikes across Europe to answer one question: has her family survived? 

An unsettling presence watches her from the shadows. As she walks through empty cities being reclaimed by nature, she grows less certain that the yellow-eyed creature is just a figment of her imagination.

What Survives takes readers on a gripping journey of grief, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of life.

This will take you to my webshop, where you can order directly from me. You can also order What Survives from Amazon and most bookshops.

A selection of past projects

The logo for Weston Monster Hunt

22 monsters hid around independent shops in Weston-super-Mare. This was a family-friendly monster hunt that increased footfall to independent shops. It created a fun day (or couple of days) for families to spend learning about the little illustrated monsters and their personalities – with a prize draw for those who found them.
Weston Monster Hunt, 2022


A social project focused on acknowledging 60 LGBTQ+ people who have paved the way for others. Based on my personal experience, with slots reserved for other people to nominate their candidates.
Pride Month gratitude project, 2022

A Norwegian-style Christmas magazine. We funded this project through Kickstarter and reached our initial funding goal within the first 9 days. The magazine was printed on high-quality paper, with hand-drawn and painted frames throughout, and featured articles, recipes, short stories, crafts pages and children’s pages.
Koselig Christmas magazine, 2021

A 3-year project to create an information hub for creative writers. It contained free resources, articles, guidance and advice, and several one-off activities, competitions and events. At its peak, it had a large and lively community of writers engaging with the content.
Storywelling, 2016-2019

It began as a personal challenge: could I write one short story every day in December and send it to my newsletter as an advent calendar? It gained popularity as fast as I was writing, and more than tripled my following in 24 days. The best stories (and a few new ones) were published as a short story collection the following year.
Short story advent calendar, 2017

An anthology featuring LGBTQ+ heroes. The stories were by writers from all over the world and the collection was funded through Kickstarter. One option for backers was to donate copies of the book to libraries and schools. The project was more than 230% funded.
Warrior anthology, 2017 (now available on Amazon!)

A gratitude project where participants were encouraged to hand out businesscard-sized thank-you notes to someone who made their day better, once a day, for 100 days. The cards had room for a personal message on the back. The response was overwhelming. Being seen, noticed and thanked for existing is a powerful experience, and being the one who does the thanking can be just as powerful. It inspired a series of talks about using gratitude as a business model and about gratitude and mental health.
Evegrat, 2016


I started Norway’s first online store dedicated to yoga and yoga equipment, with the tagline “yoga, tea and happiness”. In its lifetime, it sold more than 2,500 yoga mats to Norwegian yogis (which made up a significant percentage of the Norwegian yogis that existed in 2008!), ran information campaigns, a popular newsletter and competitions.
Fløyelstre, 2008


An art project created in collaboration with another Norwegian artist. We were given a small budget from what was then one of Norway’s largest music festivals, the Quart festivals, to create “something weird”. Throughout the festival, we made many absurd installations from upcycled junk, as well as an 8ft duck stuffed with hay and a pond filled with liberated rubber ducks. We had fun, but the project had several flaws. Most of the ducks, lawnmowers, and other items were stolen by the end of the first night. The 8ft duck was decapitated after being ridden down a hill.
Free the duck