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Reclaiming Time: Week 2

Two weeks without Facebook and next to no YouTube. Do you think it was more difficult than the first week? Yes. Yes it was. 

In 2017, in a spur of excitement and over-eager ambition, I decided to write one short story every day of December and email it to my followers. With one day’s exception, I did it. (And on that day, I dug up an old short story from the archive, and made sure they at least got something.)

A part of me is very aware that I could still be that person – the person who gets things done, hammers out 50,000 words in 20 days, while keeping down a job and a life. Somewhere, deep down, I think that’s who I assumed would emerge from behind the veil of constant distraction.

This has not been the case. Here’re some things I didn’t know: Instagram TV is surprisingly similar to YouTube in how it can completely devour your brain (and is now off limits too). Reading can become procrastination (40-minute loo break anyone? No? Just me?) Regaining focus can be really difficult, when the reason you keep yourself distracted is an deep-rooted and extreme fear of failure.

Sounds like I had a rough week? I didn’t, really. Most of the week was amazing. I got loads of things done, I watched a lot of movies, I read, I laughed, and this New Year malarkey felt fabulous. But I did notice how staying on track is requiring much more conscious effort. I think of it as withdrawal symptoms. This week will be better.


All in all, I think I’m doing okay. I really wish to get a handle on the writing, so here’s a personal challenge where you can help add some accountability: next time you see my achievement update (so, Monday), I will have written more than 10,000 words. Eek!

One thing about not being on Facebook: I really miss getting feedback. So if you’ve made it to the bottom of this post, let me know in the comments below?


  • M

    Don’ t let your achievements be the focus of sucsess.
    Relax, watch people on the streets, take a cup of tea with someone, and the ideas will come.
    And when the ideas come, then other things follow.

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