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Relaiming time: Week 3

Last week, I promised you that I would pass 10,000 words on my writing achievement log by week three. And I’m pleased to tell you, I did! Most of my achievement goals are moving forward at an okay speed, and I don’t doubt that I’ll catch up with my writing too. This week, I wrote my first proper piece of fiction this year, and it felt like bursting a bubble. It wasn’t painful, but the feeling was similar. A dull, sudden ache that kept me writing and writing and writing. 3,500 words spilled out in just over two hours, and they were good words, too.

They will form the first of a two-part short story for my patrons, and are interwoven with the world-building for the novel I’m currently working on. Exciting stuff for someone like me!

The rejections are still standing firm at 0, but as time progresses, I bet they will start streaming in. The first care package of they year is being assembled, a second letter and another batch of postcards are ready to go.

Here’s a question for you. Did you read my post about walking this week? If not, I’d love for you to take a look. I’m very proud of it.

Going forward, I will keep posting these “extra” posts on Thursdays. I’ll write about the pages I read, movies I watch and steps I take. Next week, on Monday, I’ll also tell you more about the other goals I have for this year. Those that are not about my usual work, but larger life goals.

Not too many of you have messaged me your date of birth for my birthday list. Please do! There might be something in it for ya.

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