My published work

I’ve written several books and articles in my own name, and I’ve worked on thousands of texts as a content writer, ghostwriter and creative consultant. Below is a selection of my books and other writing.


A book cover for the novel 'What Survives', showing a silhouette of a hiker, a wolf and a row of gravestones.

The debut novel from M. Amelia Eikli:

What Survives

After a devastating global pandemic, the world has gone quiet. She hasn’t seen another living soul for weeks, just the piles of corpses lining the streets. With an enthusiastic dog named Scram, a photo of her wife, and the memory of an old friend at her side, she hikes across Europe to answer one question: has her family survived?

An unsettling presence watches her from the shadows. As she walks through empty cities being reclaimed by nature, she grows less certain that the yellow-eyed creature is just a figment of her imagination.

What Survives takes readers on a gripping journey of grief, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of life.

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“This was a beautiful, haunting story of love, grief, and trauma at the end of the world. I loved every minute of it”

C. K. Oldfield, author of The Less Year

An amazing read for anyone who loves beautiful descriptive prose and dystopian fiction

Early praise for What Survives

Collections & Non-fiction

A book cover for the short story collection 'About Time' by M. Amelia Eikli. The cover shows a rocketship, books, a planet with a clock face on it and dandelion seeds on a black background.

About Time
and other stories

A collection of short speculative stories that explore life, death, and memory.

A book cover for the short story collection 'The Man who Lights the Stars' by M. Amelia Eikli. The cover shows three pencil sketches of lanterns hanging from long chains.

The Man who Lights the Stars
and other festive stories

A collection of 24 cosy and warming short stories, perfect for wintry months.

A book cover for the non-fiction grammar book 'The Pointless Rules of English' by M. Amelia Eikli and Lindsey Williams.

The Pointless Rules of English
and How To Follow Them

A humorous handbook to the ridiculous rules of the English language.

“A compelling and addictive collection of tales”

Praise for About Time and other stories


The cover of a chapbook called 'Spare Parts', in the style of blackout poetry

Spare Parts
Illustrated by David Ralph Lewis

Goodreads | Order from me: £5

The cover of a chapbook called 'Things I wish they had told me', which shows lots of short black hairs on a white background

Things I wish they had told me

Goodreads | Order from me: £5

“Intelligent, wise and warm! A beautiful, little treasure”

Praise for Spare Parts