I have not been very good at making my writing available after it’s been published or printed. I’m working on it though! For now, here are some titles available. The Amazon links below are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase the books (or anything else) after clicking one of them, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Basically, you’re supporting my writing for free! If you want to read more of my writing, please support me on Patreon, which I mention numerous times below. I really mean it though. It’s great!

From Amazon:

A funny grammar book I co-wrote:

The Pointless Rules of English
and How To Follow Them

A collection of festive short stories:

The Man who Lights the Stars
and other festive stories

Can be ordered from me:

Spare Parts (chapook)
M. Amelia Eikli & David Ralph Lewis
£5 (few left!)

Things I wish they had told me (chapbook)
M. Amelia Eikli

I also make a quarterly zine (mini magazine) called Earnestly Yours. You can order individual copies for £3.
I have a few left of issue 1, plenty of issue 2 and 3.

The zines and chapbooks are also given to those who follow me on Patreon. Consider becoming one of my patrons and snag some of these goodies for yourself.

Available online:

My winning entry to a flash fiction competition.

A quirky, highly personal piece of creative non-fiction. This was a piece I wrote while studying nature writing, and which I shared with my Patreons in 2018. (Best way of getting stories a year before anyone else.)

A strange short story my wife loves, taking place in some sort of… lounge in heaven? I don’t know. Another 2018 Patreon exclusive.