A book cover for the novel 'What Survives', showing a silhouette of a hiker, a wolf and a row of gravestones.

Out now: What Survives

After a devastating global pandemic, the world has gone quiet. She hasn’t seen another living soul for weeks, just the piles of corpses lining the streets. With an enthusiastic dog named Scram, a photo of her wife, and the memory of an old friend at her side, she hikes across Europe to answer one question: has her family survived?

An unsettling presence watches her from the shadows. As she walks through empty cities being reclaimed by nature, she grows less certain that the yellow-eyed creature is just a figment of her imagination.

What Survives takes readers on a gripping journey of grief, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of life.

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My name is M. Amelia Eikli, and I am an author, artist, public speaker and project alchemist. I take strange and wonderful ideas and turn them into golden projects.

I’m passionate about words, how we use them, gratitude and creativity, and I love sharing these passions with others.

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